Pet show fun in Girvan civic week

Some of the competitors at the pet show during civic week
Some of the competitors at the pet show during civic week
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This year’s Civic Pet Show, sponsored by Girvan Pet Stores, attracted a large number of entrants and was attended by the Civic King and Queen, Lady in waiting, and Squire.

The Civic King, Mantvydhs Jasinas, chose Hamish the North American Bull Snake, owned by Kaida, as his favourite pet. Kaida also won the award for best handler under twelve, which had eleven entries this year.

Among the winners were Jet, a four year old patterdale terrier, with his owner Cameron (9) were chosen as the Civic Queen’s favourite.

Best in show. 20 month old Archie, the bearded collie, was chosen as the pet the judge would most like to take home. He also won the most handsome dog award.

The Davidson Family with their rough collie puppy, Daisy, came second in the under 12 months category.

The six best legs prize went to three year old Oscar and his owner Robyn.

Three year old Meg won the “Looks most like Owner” award, with her owner 10 year old Kimberley.

Labradoodle Mizzi, shown by owners Erin (12) and Caleb (10) won the prettiest bitch rosette.

Three year old Katie and her rabbit Peppa won the any pet under 12 months category; came third in the Any Variety category, and third in the overall competition.