Petition aims to send speeding motorists packing

SPEEDING traffic is driving us round the bend. That is the message from residents of Girvan’s Vicarton Street, more than 40 of whom have signed a petition sounding off against speeding motorists.

The residents claim since the railway bridge at the northern end of the town was altered around three years ago traffic no longer slows to an acceptable speed, instead ignoring the 30mph limit despite an impending pedestrian crossing.

They say speeding traffic has built up to the extent that their houses vibrate – and they fear it will only be a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

Jean Houston, of 4 Vicarton Street, began the petition only a week ago and has already attracted 44 signatures from her street alone. She says she and her neighbours have suffered in silence for long enough.

“You should hear it about 3 o’clock in the morning,” she said. “Sometimes the lorries are going so fast they set car alarms off. There is going to be a fatality there at some point. It’s public safety that is at risk.”

Mrs Houston said homeowners are aware the route is a key access point, but want to see an effort made to control the speed at which motorists fly past their doors.

She has written to Councillor Alec Clark for Girvan and South Carrick in the hopes of representing residents’ distress to the relevant authorities.

Councillor Clark said he agreed wholeheartedly with the Vicarton Street residents’ concerns and would endeavour to source some method of traffic management. “I fully agree and will try everything I can to sort the situation out as far as speeding goes,” he said.