Plans for Balsalloch Farm turbine are rejected

Plans that would have seen a 154ft turbine erected at Balsalloch Farm close to the main street in Ballantrae have been rejected by councillors.

At a meeting of the council’s regulatory panel on Wednesday March 4, councillors lined up to outline their reasons to object to the proposals by Eco Projects IoM Ltd and Co/Fouin and Bell Energy.

Councillor Ann Galbraith said: “What stands out for me is that this is an unspoilt area of the landscape here in Ayrshire. All it takes is one turbine to ruin this unspoilt landscape.”

And William Grant added: “I think the people down there have had a rough time of it and I couldn’t accept to allow this turbine.”

Councillors agreed unanimously to reject the proposals though the developer has the right to appeal to Scottish Government reporters.