Police ask for caution at cash ATMs

Police in South Ayrshire are asking residents and visitors to the area to remain vigilant when using ATM machines in the area.

It comes after an incident in Maybole into which police are continuing their enquiries.

The suspects in the case are believed to have adapted a device onto an ATM machine in order to obtain money from it.

And this has prompted South Ayrshire police to send out a message urging people to follow some basic steps when they are at an ATM machine to ensure that they don’t fall victim to a crime.

PC Kevin Reynolds who is based at Ayr police station explained how you can make sure you have a relaxing trip to an ATM machine.

PC Reynolds said: “When you are at an ATM machine, you should always remain close to the machine itself and maintain awareness of your surroundings when you are using the machine.

“You should not use an ATM machine that looks suspicious especially if it looks to be giving you options that you are not familiar with.”

And PC Reynolds ended by saying that people should report any suspicions immediately to the police.

He said: “Before using the machine, be sure to check if it looks suspicious.

“If you see anything untoward on the machine or you think it has been tampered with then you should report your suspicions to the police immediately.”

Similar incidents also occurred at two ATMs in Troon earlier this year and the issue of people adapting devices in order to obtain money or to clone cards has been an on-going problem for police to deal with for a number of years across all areas of South Ayrshire.