Police to target bogus callers

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STRATHCLYDE Police has launched a new campaign to tackle the issue of bogus callers – a crime which now affects communities the whole year round.

With the strapline ‘Not everyone is who they appear to be’, the campaign encourages people to question whether or not the person on the other side of their door, or on the other end of their phone line, is who they say they are.

It will also encourage anyone targeted by bogus callers – whether the victim themselves, a family member, neighbour or carer – to speak up and report incidents or concerns to police.

Bogus callers can take many guises and they’re generally very skilled at deception. They turn up at your door unannounced or contact you by phone, try to gain your trust and trick you out of money.

Our message is simple – not everyone is who they appear to be so don’t be afraid to challenge them or question their intentions.

Superintendent Grahame Clarke from Safer Communities said: “Normal, law-abiding people can not comprehend how anyone would target some of the most vulnerable members of their community who are often the victims of these bogus callers. They use often use scare tactics, telling victims they have a problem with their utilities or their roofs in order to gain their trust and get into their houses.

“The campaign will reinforce the work we are already doing and will help people feel more confident in dealing with people they do not know.”