Ayrshire businesses concern over Brexit

Corri Wilson MP
Corri Wilson MP

Carrick’s MP says a number of local businesses have raised concerns with her over the impact of Brexit on their future trade.

Corri Wilson also said that EU nationals living in Ayrshire have also contacted her as they are worried they may have to leave Scotland after the UK leaves the EU.

Corri Wilson MP has welcomed the recent decision by the Supreme Court that the UK Parliament must have the opportunity to vote on legislation before the UK can be taken out of the EU.

Following the decision by the Supreme Court judges, the SNP Group at Westminster has said it will put forward 50 “serious and substantive” amendments to the UK government legislation.

The SNP MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock has said the party will amend the legislation to include a call for the UK Government to publish a comprehensive ‘White Paper’ on their plans; that agreement is made by devolved administrations and that the European Commission must be in agreement of the final terms.

Corri Wilson MP said: “The Supreme Court’s decision is welcome - the Tories cannot bypass parliament on one of the biggest decisions facing the UK. Leaving the EU would affect us all - from jobs to industry and our ability to travel.

“A number of local employers have been raising concerns about the impact of Brexit on their businesses with me, particularly regarding uncertainty over trade arrangements and their ability to employ EU citizens as staff. I have also been hearing from people who have chosen to make their home here, or who are married to people from the EU, who are hugely worried they are going to be forced to leave.

“For six months SNP MPs have been raising concerns surrounding a hard Tory Brexit but the Prime Minister has not listened.

“If Theresa May is intent on being true to her word that Scotland and the other devolved administrations are equal partners in this process, then now is the time to show it.

“Our amendments will address the very serious concerns facing the UK and the very real issues that the UK government has, thus far, avoided.”