Both Labour and SNP name general election candidates for Carrick

labour candidate Carol Mochan.
labour candidate Carol Mochan.

Labour have selected the chair of their local constitency party to stand in the general election as Corri Wilson, the SNP candidate who won the seat in 2015 also announced her intention to contest the Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock seat.

Carol Mochan was the Scottish Labour candidate in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley in last year’s Scottish Parliament election and is Chair of the local Constituency Labour Party.

Corri Wilson.

Corri Wilson.

Speaking of her pride in being selected as Labour Candidate for Ayr Carrick and Cumnock, she said: “I have been campaigning in every part of this constituency for many years and know at first hand the problems people face and the issues they raise. Only Labour can stand up to the Tories here and fight their cruel austerity programme.

“Only Labour can defeat the SNP and put an end to their obsession with another independence referendum. For the past two years we have had an ineffective MP with nothing to say and incapable of standing up for the local area. This election provides the opportunity to change that and elect an MP again who is is not afraid to work hard; stand up for local people and fight on their behalf.’

Carol is a mum-of-two who grew up in the constituency, attending Girvan Primary School and Auchinleck Academy. Having worked in the NHS she now runs a successful kennels business in Mauchline.

Corri Wilson has been confirmed as the SNP candidate in the upcoming General Election on 8 June.

The announcement was made following a meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee which ruled that Ms Wilson, along with the 53 other sitting SNP MPs, was reselected with immediate effect.

Ms Wilson has welcomed the news, saying that she wants to build on her “strong track record of standing up for local people at Westminster”.

Recently Ms Wilson was named as the SNP Disabilities Spokesperson at Westminster, and has actively challenged the UK Government over changes to disabilities benefits, access to Motability support, problems with the continuous cycle of assessment and reassessment for Personal Independence Payments, and the transition from Disability Living Allowance.

Corri Wilson said: “Representing the people of Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock in London has been an enormous privilege, and I look forward to asking voters to once again place their trust in me so that I can continue my strong track record of standing up for local people at Westminster.”

“During my 2015 election campaign I promised to put the interests of local people at the heart of everything I do.”

“I am looking forward to the challenge of retaining this seat.”