Gala day funding rethink

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Community volunteers from around Carrick presented a petition to halt plans to cut funding for gala day celebrations.

The group of volunteers, which included members of Ballantrae Community Association and Girvan Attractions, presented their case to South Ayrshire Council’s public processes panel last Wednesday, December 7.

And now the council says it will look again at the plan and will have talks with community groups to find ways to support local events.

A council spokesman said: “The action noted from the meeting was to request that the Head of Communities undertakes further investigation in relation to funding options, recognising the short term scale, and brings a report back to a future Public Processes Panel.”

Councillor Alec Clark said that the plan has been extremely unpopular and would only save a small amount of money in terms of the council’s overall budget.

Mr Clark said: “£15,000 is not really that much money for South Ayrshire Council in the grand scheme of things.”

“It’s a real blow to communities and the consequences of this just weren’t thought through. There was an excellent presentation by the communitiy volunteers. I applaud them for the way they presented their case. They went up there and did a fantastic job.”