Labour candidate challenges SNP’s Corri Wilson

Labour candidate Carol Mochan.
Labour candidate Carol Mochan.

South Ayrshire Labour candidate Carol Mochan has challenged SNP candidate Corri Wilson to a debate on ‘Who can beat the Tories?’

Speaking at the launch of her general election campaign on Saturday, Mrs Mochan said the stakes at this election could not be higher.

Mrs Mochan said: “‘For two years we have had an ineffectual MP with little or nothing to say about anything local or national. Now the SNP would have you believe that they are best placed to oppose the Tory Government of Theresa May. I am challenging Corri Wilson to debate with me anywhere in the constituency who is best placed to beat the Tories. The stakes at this election really could not be higher.

“It’s a choice between a hard right Tory Government, intent on pursuing a hard Brexit at any cost or a Labour Government that is offering better and fairer choices, and will put workers’ rights at the heart of everything we do. That is the choice that is on offer on June 8.

“We have the opportunity to boot them out of office in just a few short weeks. This is the Government of the bedroom tax, which led to tens of thousands of the most vulnerable people in our country being forced out of their homes. It is the Government of a cruel sanctions regime which sees the sick and disabled penalised.

“I will be arguing that an SNP vote on June 8 will change nothing and simply ensure that Theresa May gets the majority she craves. The SNP are totally obsessed with securing a wasteful divisive second independence referendum.

“Labour would provide a Government committed to standing up for people; determined to tackle the real issues that impact on ordinary people’s lives not distracted by endless constitutional arguments. With a General Election due in just a few short weeks our MP can no longer hide behind her SNP colleagues at Westminster. It’s time for her to go public and debate with me face to face.”