Local elections: Reaction from South Carrick candidates

Peter Henderson, Ian Fitzsimmons and Alec Clark at the count in Ayr.
Peter Henderson, Ian Fitzsimmons and Alec Clark at the count in Ayr.

Independent candidate Alec Clark has been re-elected onto South Ayrshire Council along with Conservative Ian Fitzsimmons and the SNP’s Peter Henderson.

The three will represent ward 8 Girvan and South Carrick.

Alec Clark, who received just over 1500 votes, said: “I am absolutely delighted to have the confidence and assurance of the people in Girvan and the south Carrick villages who believe in me and know my track record over the last five years.

“I assure them that I will always campaign for our whole area and always address the issues they want addressed.

“I am a friend of the villages and I wish the whole area to prosper. Their concerns are my concerns and they will always come first with me.”

Ian Fitzsimmons returns to the council after losing his seat four years ago, receiving 1211 votes.

He said: “I am really amazed at how well we have done this time and I’d like to thank all the helpers from Ayr and Girvan. That’s part of the reason I got in because of the help I had. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

Peter Henderson of the SNP received 876 votes. He said: “I am delighted and hope that I can represent everyone in Girvan and the villages. One thing I will promise is I will communicate and listen and will be accountable to everyone. Going forward we will have to see what the administration is. No party will be in overall control. I want to be a strong voice for the area. South Carrick and the villges have been forgotten about for far too long.”