Quay Zone jobs on the way

Girvan's new Quay Zone
Girvan's new Quay Zone

An interim manager has been appointed for Girvan’s new Quay Zone with more job opportunities in the centre on the way.

Peter Linton, who is currently South Carrick Community Leisure’s (SCCL) Project Manager for the Quay Zone has been appointed by the SCCL board as Interim Leisure Centre Manager.

SCCL chairman Ken Johnstone said: “This post will be for a period of 12 to 18 months to see us over the transition period of building site into fully functional centre.

“We will be offering further posts early in the new year and I suggest that people watch Jobs on southcarrickcommunityleisure.com for details.

“We are currently finalising our pricing structure and will be announcing that in the new year.

“We also plan to open the Visitor Information Centre in the Town House at various points in the week towards the end of January, where we will take names for membership etc.”

The pool construction is on schedule and SCCL hope to open the Quay zone in April 2017.