Quay Zone to open mid-April 2017

The Quay Zone swimming pool has passed its water test and has been emptied and dried.
The Quay Zone swimming pool has passed its water test and has been emptied and dried.

Girvan’s new Quay Zone will be open in mid-April 2017, the annual general meeting of the group tasked to deliver it heard recently.

South Carrick community Leisure held its AGM in the community Centre in Girvan last month with members hearing that the project is fully on schedule.

In his Chairman’s report to meeting Ken Johnstone said he expected the new leisure centre to open in mid-April 2017.

He said: “The handover of the building is at the end of March 2017. I fully expect people will have expectations of an immediate opening at the end of March, but we will be starting with a new building, and new people. there will be familiarisation, testing and training to be done and we plan to open mid-April. We are determined we will have a fully functional and fully equipped leisure centre for which we can all be proud.”

Mr Johnstone added that the group was interviewing for the centre manager role and a design competition was underway for the soft play area, which is looking for a ‘unique wow factor’.

Project manager Peter Linton said: “My role has been to push along the contruction of the building which has been making good progress and supporting the board as it prepares to assume responsibility next year.

“The building is now wind and water tight. The mechanical and electrical parts are in place and it is starting to look like the building that the community will inherit. In the new year we will start to get to grips with all the different systems in the buliding, there are over 20 different systems, burglar alarms and fire alarms, pool filtration etc.

“The school holidays start on March 30 next year and I’m a little concerned about having the new building there with people’s expectations high. We are going to have to look very carefully about how we open. At the end of the day safety is our paramount concern.”

The election of office bearers was conducted by councillor Alec Clark. He said: “I speak on behalf of my elected colleagues to say thank you very much indeed for all the hard work that has been put in by Ken and the previous chairman Andrew Sinclair, and all of the board members. I offer my congratulations to the partnership between the council and SCCL which has led us to where we are today and to the light at the end of the tunnel, which some people said we would never reach.”

Ken Johnston was re-elected unopposed as chairman and will also maintain the role of treasurer, vice chairman is John Barr and secretary is Eleanor McCarrey.