South Ayrshire council elections see 45 candidates across 8 wards

A total of 28 councillors will be elected to serve on the council.
A total of 28 councillors will be elected to serve on the council.

A total of 45 candidates will contest the South Ayrshire Council election on Thursday 4 May 2017.

A total of 28 councillors will be elected on 4 May to serve the people of South Ayrshire across eight Council wards; Troon; Prestwick; Ayr North; Ayr Eas;, Ayr West; Kyle; Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton; and Girvan & South Carrick.

Each ward is served by three or four councillors, depending on population size.

Following alterations made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland for this year’s local government elections, three councillors – rather than four – will be elected to serve wards 4 (Ayr East) and 7 (Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton).

At the 2012 elections the Conservatives took 10 seats, Labour 9, SNP 9 and there were two independent councillors.

The ruling administration was a Conservative/Labour coalition.

The candidates are:

Ward 1: Troon (Four Councillors) Peter John Convery, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Craig MacKay, Scottish National Party (SNP); Annie McIndoe, Scottish National Party (SNP); Boyd Murdoch, Scottish Green Party; Bob Pollock, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Philip Saxton, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 2: Prestwick (Four Councillors) Ian Cochrane, Scottish National Party (SNP); Hugh Hunter, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Alasdair John Malcolm, Independent; Helen Moonie, Scottish Labour Party; Margaret Toner, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; John Wallace, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 3: Ayr North (Four Councillors) Laura Brennan-Whitefield, Scottish National Party (SNP); Douglas Campbell, Scottish National Party (SNP); Ian Cavana, Scottish Labour Party; Ian Davis, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Brenda Knox, Scottish Labour Party; Jamie McGeechan, Independent

Ward 4: Ayr East (Three Councillors); Andrew Bryden, Independent; Chris Cullen, Scottish National Party (SNP); Mary Kilpatrick, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Brian McGinley, Scottish Labour Party

Ian McPherson, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 5: Ayr West (Four Councillors) Chic Brodie, Independent; Siobhian Brown, Scottish National Party (SNP); Allan Dorans, Scottish National Party (SNP); Martin Dowey, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Lee Lyons, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Liz Martin, Scottish Labour Party; Derek McCabe, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 6: Kyle (Three Councillors) Andy Campbell, Scottish Labour Party; Julie Dettbarn, Scottish National Party (SNP); Scott McFarlane, Scottish National Party (SNP); Arthur Spurling, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 7: Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton (Three Councillors) Iain Campbell, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Brian Connolly, Independent; Catriona Deliveli, Scottish Labour Party; William Grant, Scottish National Party (SNP); Gordon McFadzean, Independent

Ward 8: Girvan & South Carrick (Three Councillors) Alec Clark, Independent; Karen Clark-McCartney, Independent; Ian Fitzsimmons, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Peter Henderson, Scottish National Party (SNP); Owen Martin, Scottish Labour Party; Gavin Scott, Independent