Voters have a change of polling station

Maybole Town Hall.
Maybole Town Hall.

South Ayrshire councillors will decide this week on proposed changes to polling stations in the region.

They have been consulting with the public about the polling places across South Ayrshire focusing on areas where changes are being proposed.

If all the changes are accepted: in Ward 7 (Maybole, North Carrick and Coylton) the Carrick Centre would no longer be used and voters who used to go there would go to the polling station at Maybole town Hall instead; and in Ward 8 (Girvan, South Carrick) voters who have been casting their votes at Girvan North Church hall, Girvan South Church hall and Sacred Heart RC Church hall will in future go to Girvan Primary School.

The report that will go before councillors on Thursday, June 27, states: “Where schools have been designated as polling places, in-service days will be set to coincide with known electoral events.

“In the event of an unplanned election event the schools identified (with the exception of Girvan Primary) can continue to operate although some classes may require to undertake a visit that day, the costs of which can be met from funds set aside for the election/referendum. The option to introduce a mobile polling facility at Girvan is being considered.

“At the last election in May 2019, of the 52 premises used as polling places, eight of these premises were schools and 44 premises were halls, community centres, etc. Ayr Grammar Primary School required to close to allow use as a polling place. This proposal, if approved, would use 47 premises as polling places including 10 schools/nurseries. The proposals before members are therefore the best available alternatives avoiding school closures, and having regard to suitable available premises in each polling district.”

The council can undertake a further interim review of polling places at any time should the need arise.