Polling in South Ayrshire up for review

PARLIAMENTARY polling arrangements are to be picked apart by South Ayrshire Council as the body announces a comprehensive review.

With the next parliamentary election in less than three years’ time, the review will look at the current legislation for elections and the guidance issued by the Electoral Commission.

Councillor Bill McIntosh, Leader of South Ayrshire Council, said officers are keen to find more suitable polling places to minimise disruption caused by the use of educational establishments for this purpose, and to provide the best access possible for people with disabilities.

“To encourage as many people to vote as possible selecting premises that are easy for voters to get to by public transport or car is crucial,” he said.

The review will be carried out in six stages; first a consultation with local councillors followed by the selection of possible polling place premises; next consultation with interested parties and the public; and then final recommendations to the council before the revised polling arrnagements are implemented. The process is expected to be completed in December next year.