Pool chairman delighted with Carrick futures money

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South Carrick Community Leisure Chairman Andrew Sinclair has expressed his delight at the funding boost for the new Girvan swimming pool.

Carrick Futures have given SCCL a funding boost to the tune of a quarter of a million over a three year period which has delighted Mr Sinclair.

Reacting to the news he said: “What fantastic news and a massive milestone for our community fundraising efforts, so our thanks to Carrick Futures!

“While we work with Carrick Futures to finalise the conditions of the award, this is the first significant success we’ve had in our ongoing work to raise the outstanding £1 million capital costs required to deliver this exciting project and hopefully it’s the start of even more to come.

“We’re still waiting to hear back on three other major funding applications from the Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund, sportscotland and the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund, and it’s great the ball is now rolling to deliver on the community contribution, which will be added to the £4 million committed by the Council.

“The Carrick Futures funding will bring the new leisure and community facility even closer, which is what matters to our communities, and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep the momentum and progress we’ve made over the last few months going. “We’re well on our way to delivering on our commitment to the people of Girvan and South Carrick and, if we keep this going, we’re sure to see work get underway in the near future.”

The funding boost follows on from the good news for the new leisure centre and community complex at the beginning of July when South Ayrshire Council agreed to remain committed to putting up £4m of the total funding costs of £5m, despite the design costs coming down from £8m.

And the group also learned at that time that they had progressed to the second round of funding for the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund which they have applied to for £250,000.

Mr Sinclair said in July: “This is a really exciting time for the project and the pace of progress is increasing all the time.

“Over the last couple of months, we’ve approved a realistic and achievable design and business plan for the new facility, and we now have the full £4 million commitment from the Council.

“We’ve also heard this week that our bid to the Scottish Government for £250,000 from the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund has progressed to the second round. That’s fantastic news for Girvan and South Carrick and shows just how far we’ve come. We’ve got an affordable facility, with the majority of capital monies confirmed by the Council, and a number of funding streams being actively pursued by SCCL for the remainder.”

The investment panel for the regeneration capital grant fund are set to meet next week at some point to decide on the successful projects with groups including SCCL being notified by the end of November on whether they have been successful or not.

The plans for a new Girvan pool have been a long time coming after South Ayrshire council controversially shut down the old pool with immediate effect in 2009.

A march in Ayr in February of that year was organised by Alec Clark who was then the chairman of Girvan Community Council and saw 1,500 people turn out to voice their anger at cuts across the area including the closure of Girvan swimming pool.

Now SCCL have taken the plans forward to a stage where the Girvan swimming pool should be open to the public in 2016 as part of a wider regeneration of the Harbourside in the town which has been going on over the last couple of years in particular, including the installation of £500,000 pontoons at the Girvan Harbour in May last year.