Positive feedback

THE latest energy company planning to build a wind farm in Carrick says it is encouraged with the response the development received from local residents.

Representatives from Ecotricity, who are interested in building a wind farm in southern Carrick, met with locals to show their plans for a development at Straid Farm near to Lendalfoot.

The energy group hosted two open meetings with the public last week in Lendalfoot and Colmonell, giving locals the chance to view and comment on their plans for a 16 turbine development in the area.

Ecotricity believe Straid Farm is an “ideal spot on the Ayrshire coast with great access to wind resources”.

Mike Cheshire of Ecotricity, who met with locals at the open days, said: “We got a good turnout and the locals here are very knowledgeable about wind farms.

“It was a positive response we received from the meetings.

“We’ve done two years worth of studies and investigations into the area and we have applied for planning permission to put up a test wind mast, which will record wind speeds and direction at height over the proposed site.” The company believe they are different other energy suppliers as they are “a not for dividend electricity company” and their mission is to change the way electricity is made.

Ecotricity say their goal is to take the money that their customers spend on their electricity bill and invest it into new sources or green energy.

And Ecotricity say they will not be applying for any more than the 16 wind turbines should their development receive the green light from the local planning authority.

Mike explained: “We won’t be submitting another application for more turbines should we get approval for this application.

“In fact we may even reduce the number of turbines we have if we have to.”