Potential development at Girvan’s Coalpots Road site

Girvan could soon be welcoming a new residential development in the area.

That’s because Alex Clark, an experienced Girvan roofer has applied for planning permission in principle to build a residential development on land near to the Coalpots Road area.

The plans have been submitted with South Ayrshire Council’s planning department and Mr Clark wishes to see a six unit residential development built in the area.

He’s working in conjunction with Airdrie based architects Glas Box architecture to come up with full scale designs for the plans. Planning permission in principle means that Mr Clark will have taken the first step forward for his proposed housing development site.

At this stage, the council don’t require to see full scale architectural drawings and the planning permission in principle would be given on the condition that the council would have to see the design proposals in full before any development could begin.

The plans show that each of the units at the site would vary in size when built with largest unit reaching 1080 square metres with the smallest unit set to be 581 square metres.

Other units in the proposals range from 700 square metres to 900 square metres.

Earlier this year South Ayrshire Council’s regulatory panel also gave planning permission in principle to a proposed developmentthat would see four houses built at the junction of Wilson Street and Duff Street in Girvan.

Eight objections were received to those proposals though none of the objectors were present at the planning meeting in September.

Mr Clark’s plans are available to view on the South Ayrshire Council website’s planning section.