Praise for anti-windfarm group

A HIGHLY-REGARDED anti-windfarm campaigner has backed a local group’s plan to host a conference speaking out against further developments in Scotland.

Dr Stuart Young, who spoke at Communities Against Turbines Scotland’s meeting in Ballantrae in August this year, praised the work of the group which has organised a national conference at Ayr Racecourse in November this year.

Dr Young is part of the Caithness Windfarm Information Forum and made a 750-mile round trip to speak at a public meeting in Ballantrae in August.

He explained: “It was a highly successful event and well worth the 750 mile round trip. While I was there, I learned that CATS were hoping to organise a conference for 700 or 800 people at Ayr Racecourse in the autumn.

“Whilst I was impressed by the Ballantrae meeting organisation, I am humbled by the drive and determination shown by Kim Terry and Susan Crossthwaite and I believe that they deserve our support.

“Not just because of their efforts, but because I believe that their time has come. Many organisations have tried to unite groups like ours but our local issues have been too pressing and time consuming to allow us to raise our heads and see the bigger issue.”