Prizes dished out at Turnberry prizegiving

The legendary Peter Thomson who won five Open championships.
The legendary Peter Thomson who won five Open championships.

GIRVAN GOLF (Bill Tait N0.954 16/12/15)

Well with frost over the weekend the Girvan greens were on temporary and naturally no competitions can be played.

This does not effect Turnberry but with Christmas close and the weather very cold only the hardy souls went out, the rest were no doubt at the mercy of Christmas shopping.

A week last Friday Turnberry Golf Club had their presentation of prizes and those who went home after an excellent meal with a big smile on their faces were: 1)Club Champion and 2)Club Gold Medal winner J.G. Boyle, 3)C.L. Jack Matchplay C. Savage, 4)D.J. Logan Scratch- M. McMillan- Handicap J. Broadfoot, 5)Ailsa Championship Tees N. Dawson, 6)Kintyre Championship Tees I. Walker, 7)Sir James Bell Trophy A. Long, 8)SPRING MEETING Adam Wood Trophy K. Hutchison,- John Grindlay Memorial Cup B. Caplan, 9)SUMMER MEETING Ailsa Challenge Cup I. MacDonald -Weir Trophy N. Young, 10)AUTUMN MEETING R.H.U. Stevenson A. Connor -J,P.K. McDowall Trophy D. Richmond 11)Onslow Cup Summer Foursomes J. Cooper & I. Walker,12)Graeme McCulloch Winter Foursomes J,. Hogarth and K. Ross 13)UNICEF A. Long 14)Piersland Salver Four-ball Q. Dunlop & I. Faulds 15) Fenton Trophy J.G. Boyle & I.B. Rorison,16) Francis I’ll Brown Pineapple cup R. Gardner& T. Paterson,17) Colin Clark J. Broadfoot,18)Dr. Scade (over 50s) D. McCubbin, 18)Lawson Trophy (over 60s) I. B. Rorison, 20)Harold Dykes (over 65s) J. N. Stevenson, 20)Bob Adamson (7 Clubs) C. Douglas, 22)Sunset Trophy D. Pitman, 23) Richmond Cup L. Mills, 24)Crawford Cup D. Kerr, 25) Cockburn Cup C. Savage & Miss E. Brown, 26)Sir John Tait Salver C. Douglas & Miss M. Kelly, 27)Bargany Cup D. Semple, 28) Millenium Cup R. Gardner & D. Richmond, 29)Captain’s Prize T. Campbell, 30) Vice-Captain’s Prize R. Gardner, 31) Stewart Salver E. Kemp& Mrs. S. Kemp,32) R.T. Faulds Quad-Am W. Marshall,D. Nelson, W. Rae and W. Young, 33) Walker Cup D. Johnstone. Well there you are congratulations to all the winners over the past season, but also well done to all who entered.


Peter Thomson winner of quite a few Opens stated in 2005: ‘Gamesmanship in golf is usually subtle, but if you don’t have the brains to shut your eyes and ears when playing seriously, then you deserve what you get.’

Geoffrey Owen a 90 year old resident of Buckinghamshire on being asked about his twice weekly round of golf stated ‘At least it keeps me out of the pub.’

Golf affects us in many different ways and by looking at it from a personal view it can be exhilarating.


I am still considering what advice to give on the Christmas present for the potentially avid golfer as apart from the availability of the many clubs, clothing, golf balls and books not to mention the latest golf history book mentioned several times in the past, there is golf coaching to consider. If you have a youngster thinking of taking up the game, it is more suitable to introduce them to the sport via a qualified professional. There are often special coaching courses at a very reasonable price for youngsters in this position and it is important in my mind to have the coaching done by a good professional to give them a good start. Usually the professional will supply on loan the appropriate clubs for the junior beginner thereby saving the parent forking out a lot of money which is wasted if the youngster decides not to take up the sport. .

It is worthwhile telephoning Turnberry to talk to one of the professionals who will be able to discuss all the possibilities and give good advice.

There is of course the person who has just retired and picks up a golf club thinking that the game will give exercise and some social intercourse. Absolutely true, but to take up the game for the first time and go through all the contortions necessary, as yet untried, in order to drive the ball a satisfactory distance down the fairway will not come easily to an arthritic retiree who has perhaps had both hips replaced. It is therefore all the more important for the older person to see a professional who will be able to judge what the best swing in your circumstances will be, and even if you can possibly accommodate one. You may have a friend who is a good golfer but what suits him may not suit you, so treat yourself, get out the cheque book and do it properly. This also applies to any golfer with a golfing problem who would rather accept a bit of professional coaching as a welcome Christmas present than anything else

Mind you, as everyone who plays golf understands that it is a very fickle sport which can drive you crazy one day and the next raise you to the heavens. Accept that and just go out and enjoy a game of golf in good company.