Prolific Sadie publishes her new novel

Prolific Carrick author Sadie Reid has just published her fifth novel which is entitled ‘Bramblejuice’ which comes only two years after she published her debut novel.

The retired teacher who grew up in Maybole has released ‘Bramblejuice’ under her pseudonym Sarah Wallace which is available to read via Amazon’s e-book service.

Sadie didn’t wish to give too much away about the plot only saying that the story revolves around a farmer’s wife who goes out to collect some brambles for a jelly for a forthcoming WRI competition. However, she never makes it home and a murder investigation begins. Regular readers will pleased to know Inspector Andrew Davis is in ‘Bramblejuice’.

Since retiring from teaching where she taught at Gardenrose Primary in Maybole for 21 years, Sadie has found the time to start writing novels and published her debut novel ‘Murder at the Tannery’ after purchasing a Kindle device in 2012. That debut novel was inspired by her father’s involvement in Maybole’s leather making industry.

Since then she has published further novels, ‘Body in a Bag’, ‘Unscrewed’, ‘Poleaxed’ and now ‘Bramblejuice’.

Sadie is still attending the Swanwick writing summer school in Derby and is set to head down on August 8 for her latest trip.

Sadie retired to Girvan just over 20 years ago where her son Gavin had become an established shopkeeper.

Sadie writes under the pseudonym Sarah Wallace as a tribute to her late husband Wallace Reid and is glad that she is finding the time to write as it has always been one of her main passions in life and she also finds it a great way to kill time.