Provost says room for change at council

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IN AN exclusive interview with the Carrick Gazette this week South Ayrshire’s outgoing Provost Winifred Sloan has revealed the reasons she is leaving the post she has held for the last six years.

Provost Sloan has decided to retire after over 20 years in local government - and the last six and a half as provost of South Ayrshire.

A long standing member of the Conservative Party, Mrs Sloan has held office at local and national level, including as chairwoman for the Scottish Conservative Association.

In a frank interview the provost also spoke of the need for some change at the top of local government in South Ayrshire.

Provost Sloan said that the workload on councillors, particularly in the Leadership Panel, was “immense” and there could be “room for change” in the cabinet structure used in South Ayrshire.

When asked about the efforts to regenerate both Girvan and Ayr, the provost urged caution.

“There have been so many masterplans for these areas and they have never been fulfilled. I just pray that what is planned for Girvan is not too ambitious,” said Provost Sloan.

And if there was a parting shot it was windfarms that bore the brunt, being described as “extra-terrestrial”.

“Oh, I’m against windfarms,” exclaims the provost, “They are a blight on the landscape and it is proven that they will never provide the electricity we require.