Pupils get hands on at Academy science fair

S3 pupils from Girvan Academy during their science fair
S3 pupils from Girvan Academy during their science fair

Girvan Academy science department put on a science fair for all S3 pupils including a variety of different workshops.

Held on 23 February, the workshops included guest speakers talking about how science has helped them in their career and the range of different careers involved in science.

Demonstrations were given by senior pupils involved in physics, biology and chemistry.

They included: dissecting chicken wings, heart and lungs, chemistry experiments and physics activities.

It gave them a chance to give back to the younger pupils and see what it’s like being the teacher rather than the student.

It was an extremely successful day and was fun and beneficial for all pupils who participated.

The school would like to thank all the guests who took part.

They include Hamish Denham, local veterinary surgeon; Dr Steven Hay, FMC Biopolymer and Kim Wilson and Pam Anderson from William Grant and Sons.

On Wednesday 24th February, the school also hosted a Careers Event for pupils in S4-S6.

The day consisted of different stalls from local businesses, universities and the armed forces.

The day gave the pupils the chance to speak to people who are currently in a profession that they are considering.

Deciding what to do after leaving school is a daunting prospect so days like this are very beneficial

It also gave the older students a chance to get tips firsthand from university representatives.

Making the decision to go to university or not can be tough so it was an amazing opportunity for them to get answers to any questions or concerns.

The armed forces is an option for many young people, however it is not a decision that should be taken lightly in the current climate.

By having representatives from the armed forces the students were able to get a realistic view of what life in the army, airforce or royal navy is really like.

Senior pupils who attended the event found it very beneficial and helpful in helping them think about their future after school.

Thanks again go to those who came in to talk to the pupils and continue to support the school.