Pupils learn about endangered species on day out at the zoo

Girvan primary pupils at Edinburgh Zoo
Girvan primary pupils at Edinburgh Zoo

Learning about endangered animals were pupils from Girvan who went on a school trip to Edinburgh Zoo recently.

Primary six pupils from Girvan Primary went on the trip which was funded by Wiseman Dairies.

The purpose of the trip was to reinforce information taught by teachers on the class topic of endangered animals.

The class have written their own report on the trip for the Gazette:

Pupils’ day out

We left Girvan at 7.50am. On the bus all the children were playing with cards, chatting or just sleeping.

We arrived at Edinburgh Zoo at 10.30am. When we arrived everyone was sighing with relief.

First we went to see the pandas. The pandas’ building is a Chinese style temple type of structure, referencing the pandas’ Chinese origins. We only saw Yang Guang because Tian-Tian was in the garden. We also watched a film about one of the pandas playing with a ball.

We then went to see the penguins and it was their feeding time. It was funny how they got out of the water quickly and waddled over to the zoo keeper to get fish.

We then saw warty pigs, a Scottish wildcat, which was posing on a branch, and a tiger.

We went to see the koalas. They were very cute and had big ears and were very fluffy. It was funny when one koala woke up and walked across a branch and fell asleep at the other side of the branch.

Then we went to see the rhinos having a bath. They smelled really bad!

We had lunch at the Budongo trail where the chimpanzees stay. The trail was designed by architects Cooper Cromar, where pupil Euan Walker’s uncle is a director.

We found out that a chimpanzee shares 98 per cent of our DNA, so the other two per cent must be very important genes. We saw the chimpanzees swinging on the ropes. One of the chimpanzees was kicking the glass because someone was waving a banana in its face.

Another one was banging on the bridge - perhaps it was also jealous that we had food. The local university had some stalls on display - one of them had a 3D printer!

After lunch we went to the playpark close by which had a lot of different things to do. After that we went to the ill-fated penguin parade as no penguins actually turned up! That was a little disappointing, but it couldn’t be helped. We then went to the gift shop which was awesome. We left the zoo at 3.30pm and arrived back at school at 6.30pm.

Everybody in P6 had an extraordinary visit which they thoroughly enjoyed. the children rated the trip as ten out of ten!

Many thanks go to Wiseman Dairies who paid for the trip and to the Edinburgh Zoo staff for all their help.

Report by Ellie McGarvie, Kadie Boyd, Sean Clark, Cameron McGregor, Zoya Kamal, Alicia Devine-Hunter and Euan Walker.