Quad bike thieves have eyes on Ayrshire

Farm theft of quad bikes.
Farm theft of quad bikes.

Police have confirmed that Ayrshire is one of the main areas targeted for the thefts of quad bikes and all terrain vehicles.

It ranks alongside the rural communities of the Scottish Borders, Lanarkshire, Fife and the Lothians.

The Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC) has revealed that more than 80 per cent of quad bikes stolen in Scotland are snatched from these areas.

Last week Police Scotland stepped up their battle against agricultural and industrial vehicle thefts.

At the forefront of the fight is the Construction and Agricultural Equipment Register Marking Scheme – known as CESAR.

Registered vehicles are fitted with highly visible, tamper-evident identification plates, hidden trackers and invisible forensic DNA markings.

Twenty mechanics from across Scotland attended a fitting course last week and police officers were updated on the scheme.

Statistics show that CESAR-registered vehicles are four times less likely to be stolen – and six times more likely to be recovered if they are taken.

Chief Superintendent Gavin Robertson, who chairs SPARC, said: “We are determined to do more to prevent this type of crime and further reduce its impact on farming, forestry and rural communities.”

Andrew Midgley of Scottish Land & Estates added: “If we can get more machinery CESAR-registered, we will reduce the risk of thefts and so reduce the cost to the rural economy.”