RAF says sad farewell to south Ayrshire

South Ayrshire Provost Helen Moonie led tributes to RAF Prestwick personnel as they bid a fond farewell to Prestwick and South Ayrshire before moving to southern England.

The RAF has had a proud association with Prestwick since 1936 and has been an integral part of the UK’s Military Air Traffic Control Services in that time. The service was awarded the Freedom of South Ayrshire in 2009.

Members of RAF Prestwick

Members of RAF Prestwick

They held a farewell parade through Ayr to thank people for their support. There was an inspection of their ranks in Pavilion Road in Ayr, a flypast by an RAF Leuchars Typhoon Jet and then a procession through the town centre where they took a salute at the Wallace Tower.

Provost Moonie, who hosted a civic reception to mark this special occasion said: “I can say with certainty that those who serve at RAF Prestwick, and those who have served in the past, will be missed by the Ayrshire community.

“The large numbers of people who gathered in Ayr to pay tribute to RAF Prestwick, and watch the service personnel parade as free men and women of South Ayrshire, sent out a loud clear message that their departure to Swanwick is a sad time for us.

“RAF Prestwick is an outstanding professional operation, which has made a vast contribution to the world of aviation and military history.

“Importantly the sevicemen and women have blended seamlessly into our communities and made a great contribution to our local economy. The departure of RAF Prestwick will leave a big hole in the lives of Ayrshire’s people.”