Rail group back Stena call for link

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rail support group SAYLSA has backed calls from Stena to see a train line at the new Loch Ryan ferry terminal – but argue they could be doing more to fight for improved rail services to the area.

The £80 million terminal, scheduled to be completed this coming Autumn, at Loch Ryan port near to Cairnryan, has no rail link, raising fears over the future of the Stranraer line. In last week’s Gazette, Stena Line expressed their disappointment over the lack of support for rail links.

Richard Carr of SAYLSA which has pressed for a restructured timetable to make the train a more viable option, backed Stena’s calls.

He said: “Whilst SAYLSA support the view expressed by Stena regarding the absence of any commitment to improve rail links in the region, we also believe that it is absurd that a major ferry port is being built with no rail connection. It would be hard to imagine this happening if it was a brand new airport or indeed, was happening any other country.

“At the very least, we believe the Scottish Government should have obliged Stena to contribute to a detailed study into the possibility of re-introducing a rail link to Cairnryan. A link as far as the P&O terminal may be feasible at a cost of say £60-£80m.”