RBS plan to spruce up Girvan branch

Banking giants Royal Bank of Scotland have submitted plans with South Ayrshire Council as they hope to improve the look of their branch in Girvan.

The application was submitted with the council’s planning department earlier this month.

RBS hope that if the planning application is granted, new signage at the front of the building will make it more noticeable to customers.

They are also planning to revamp the ATM machine by painting it blue as well as doing similar with the opening times plate on the front of the building.

Photo montages on the council’s website reveal that the existing RBS sign at Dalrymple Street which is in white letters “RBS” with the company’s logo beside it and has “Royal Bank of Scotland” underneath it will be replaced by a wider fascia sign.

The sign will be across the front of the building with “Royal Bank of Scotland” in illuminated white letters with a dark blue background accompanying the company’s logo.

The current ATM machine will be substantially upgraded with planning permission sought for a vinyl ATM tablet with vinyl cladding.

Like the proposed new signage at the front of the building, this would have a dark blue painted background, with the words Royal Bank of Scotland standing out more to the users of the machine.

The bank also wish to ensure that their nameplate at the front of the building also stands out more. Details of opening hours as well as their website and telephone number would be situated in a vinyl plate on the front entrance with a white background.

In the plans, RBS cite rivals the Bank of Scotland’s property across the road in Dalrymple Street as being an example of a property which already has illuminated built up lettering at the front of the building as well as a projected sign.It also cited Boots further up in Dalrymple Street as a shop which has the fascia signage of white lettering with the blue background, for which the banking group would erect on their building if the plans are agreed.