Regeneration is talk of Town Team

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DISCUSSION was focussed on construction developments at October’s Town Team meeting, with Knockcushan House, Girvan’s tennis courts, and the planned multi-use facility all making it into the minutes.

Gus Collins, South Ayrshire Council community engagement manager, informed members that the cost of improvement work to the tennis courts at Troweir Road has gone up due to plans to replace the surrounding fencing.

Scheduled work will include the introduction of a permeable surface which will be lined and colour-coated, as well as new fencing.

But Mr Collins explained that while he had hoped the plans would be priced at under £30,000 in order to qualify for a shortened procurement procedure, the decision to include the fencing work in expected costs has meant a different system being adopted.

He confirmed all required paperwork had been submitted and is being processed.

Councillor Alec Clark provided an update on plans to bring Girvan’s Town House on Knockcushan Street back into use, stating that work is due to begin in November once improvements to the adjacent South Ayrshire Council Area Housing Office are complete.

Town Team chairman Rev. Ian McLachlan raised concerns about traffic lights on the A714 between Girvan and Dailly, which he said had been in place for at least two months without evidence of any roadworks.

“I am very worried about it because there are a lot of people walking along that road with earphones on not hearing any traffic, and I sometimes wonder if that road has just been left,” he said.

Councillor Alec Clark said he would look into the potential cost due the overrun of plant hire associated with road works contracts. He later told the Carrick Gazette all seems to be in order and above board, with continuous monitoring and safeguards in place. In the South Carrick Community Leisure report the Town Team was assured that a notice board is being developed to keep the public informed of the project’s progress. This is expected to be located on the harbour-side site of the new leisure centre.

Ailsa Horizons’ manager Stuart Lindsay also asked for the Town Team’s support for a potentially unpopular development - another needs survey.

He apologised for the inconvenience to the people of Girvan, but said it has become a necessary step for the project to move forward.

“It’s really important that we have up-to-date responses, and the funders are not going to understand that we can’t ask people because we have asked them last year and the year before,” he said. The responses will inform the project’s business plan, which is expected to be completed in November. The next Town Team meeting will take place on November 15 at 6.30pm in the Carrick Buildings on Henrietta Street.