Riverside Place tenants have a say on future of their homes

Councillor Philip Saxton.
Councillor Philip Saxton.

Tenants in the Riverside Place multi-storey flats in Ayr will be given a chance to have their say on the future of the properties.

South Ayrshire Council’s consultation on ‘Your place, your future’ gives tenants the chance to choose their preferred option for the future of the flats: refurbish (keep the flats, decant tenants, carry out refurbishment works, and return tenants to refurbished flats); rehouse (tenants moved permanently into alternative accommodation and the flats demolished); or rebuild (tenants decanted to temporary accommodation, the flats demolished and some tenants return to a new-build housing on the site).

A detailed consultation, based on individual one-to-one meetings with more than 200 tenants, is planned in conjunction with the River Ayr Tenants Association, which represents tenants in the three blocks. Details available at www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/riverside-place.

Councillor Philip Saxton, South Ayrshire Council’s portfolio holder for housing and community wellbeing, said: “We are committed to ensuring that our tenants are fully involved in the discussions about the future of their flats, which is why we’re taking such a detailed approach to this consultation.

“It’s vital that tenants understand all the facts so they can form their own views about the option that is best for them.”

Joe Lafferty, chair of the River Ayr Tenants Association, said: “We have worked closely with the council over the last couple of years as discussions around the future of the flats have moved forward – and we very much appreciate the approach the council has taken.

“It is for every tenant to consider what is the best option for them and to ensure their voice is heard by those who will be making the decisions about what happens next. Clear facts, easy to understand information and answers to the questions tenants have is what’s needed and that’s exactly what we have got from the council.”

Feedback from the consultation will be considered by councillors in June this year.