Road rage ends for Maybole residents

RESIDENTS of Covenanters Gait in Maybole will soon be able to enjoy a smooth drive to their front doors after more than five years of waiting.

South Ayrshire Council began the procedure of completing work on Burns Drive and Burns Wynd, Maybole, last week after building firm Lauderdale Homes, based in Glasgow, left the work unfinished after ceasing to trade.

Peter Mason, chairman of Covenanters Gait Residents’ Association and a resident of Burns Drive, said: “Con­sidering all the bad weather, the road has never been gritted, never been swept by a road sweeper … we have been mixing cement and trying to fill in the pot holes ourselves. The residents are 
over the moon that it is hap­pening after eight years of driving around pot holes and 
trying to avoid manhole covers.”

But homeowners are still angry about their expected high-spec new surroundings having been abandoned below standard.

A resident of nearby McAdam Way – the last street on the estate that Lauderdale Homes worked on before going into administration – empathised with his neighbours on Burns Drive and Burns Wynd.

He preferred not to be named, but said: “I am certainly not 100 percent satisfied with the finish on McAdam Way.

“The humps are terrible here. We can hear every motor going across and if some cars are low they actually hit them.”

Mike Newall, South Ayrshire Council’s Head of Planning and Enterprise, confirmed that work to resurface sections of road at Burns Drive and Burns Wynd began on Tuesday August 7 on the part of South Ayrshire Council.

“We are completing the resurfacing in place of the original contractor who was unable to fulfil the works detailed in the original contract, and look forward to bringing these roads back to an appropriate standard,” he said.