Sandra says thank you to NHS staff

Sandra Osborne MP visited Ayr's A+E on Valentine's Day to say a thank you to NHS staff.
Sandra Osborne MP visited Ayr's A+E on Valentine's Day to say a thank you to NHS staff.

Local MP Sandra Osborne visited the Accident and Emergency unit at Ayr Hospital with a group of Labour supporters on Valentine’s Day to thank all the NHS staff for the great work they do and to say ‘Thank You’.

Sandra said that nurses, doctors, midwives, paramedics, administrators and all who work in the NHS, are putting in a tireless effort to meet all our needs.

She said that despite continuing strain, a lack of funds and being taken from granted by the SNP, NHS staff are doing their best, and this Valentine’s Day she wanted to give them a simple message - “we love our NHS and it will always be Labour’s priority”.

The Carrick MP said: “The NHS in Scotland is under more strain than ever before, A&Es are missing targets, patients in need of care are being left waiting and the SNP have taken their eye of the ball.

“The SNP Government in Edinburgh not only fail their own measures, but hope nobody finds out by withholding health board statistics.

“This centralised government is even more secretive than the Tories, who at least regularly publish data on the NHS.

“Scotland needs a Labour Government in Westminster and a Scottish Labour Government in Holyrood.

“Only then can we ensure our NHS is protected and able to meet the needs of today’s pressures. Electing Scottish Labour MPs and a Labour Government will mean a UK mansion tax, paying for 1000 extra nurses and a £100 million frontline fund to ensure our NHS is the best it can be and our doctors and nurses are supported.

“At the General Election we can elect SNP MPs to fight with Tories or we can elect Scottish Labour MPs to end the Tory led coalition and protect our NHS.”