SAYLSA looking to recreate the romance of the railway

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A community rail group are looking to turn a celebratory day into a fun day as they look to recreate a ‘Brief Encounter’ at Girvan station.

SAYSLA will be hosting an event at the station Friday September 12 to celebrate the fact they have now officially become a community rail partnership.

And they want a couple to get involved on the day to help recreate a so-called ‘Brief Encounter’ moment that occurred in the early 20th century involving Girvan station.

If there is a couple out there; one hailing from Girvan and one from Maybole then SAYLSA want to hear from you to help them make it a fun day.

SAYLSA have discovered a postcard that was sent in 1906 from Girvan to a lady in Maybole with a picture of Girvan station on the front.

The sender was initially thought to be a female friend, but with more deciphering it turned out to be a resident of Girvan’s Harbour Street named James Bowman who had sent it to a female Elizabeth Wilson, who lived at what is now 27 Greenside in Maybole.

And now SAYLSA wanta couple who are from each of the Carrick towns to recreate that postcard next month.

You will need to be available from 11am onwards for around 45 minutes to help stage a reconstruction of the moment.

SAYLSA have already sent out enquiries to both the academies in the area; namely Carrick and Girvan Academies to see if there would be any response there and they have now extrended that to appealing through the Carrick Gazette.

If anyone is willing to participate in SAYLSA’s event then contact us at the Gazette either by e-mailing, phoning 01465 712688 or simply by popping into the office at 32 Dalrymple Street, Girvan and we can pass on your details. SAYLSA have found it difficult to find photographs of the Girvan station from between 1893-1946 during which time there was a rebuild in 1893 and then a disastrous fire destroyed the building in 1946. SAYLSA is also appealing for any piper who would be available on that day. If you are available then please get in touch with SAYLSA on 01465 714665 or by e-mailing