School clothing bank’s £3000 lottery grant

Nicola Cramond, Emily Cramond and Abby Dunlop from South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank.
Nicola Cramond, Emily Cramond and Abby Dunlop from South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank.

South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank has been awarded a £3,000 grant from the Scottish Children’s Lottery.

The charity’s clothing bank provides new school uniforms, donated by people across the area, to families experiencing financial hardship in South Ayrshire.

The uniforms are distributed to families by referrals from support organisations including Barnado’s, Seascape and Women’s Aid.

Nicola Cramond from South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank said: “We were delighted to receive the grant from Scottish Children’s Lottery.

“We believe that every pupil should be able to walk through the school gates with their head held high.

“A school coat, gym kit and pencil case can make such a difference for those who often have to go without. That sense of dignity and confidence can help children in the classroom work towards a bright future.

“This grant will help ensure that no child in South Ayrshire goes without.

“Any professional: teachers, doctors, churches, youth group worker, social worker, etc can get in touch with us via Facebook or email,” added.

“We do not need to know who is receiving these items, just that in your professional opinion there is a child in need.

“Anyone who is in a trusted position or in an organised group can refer a child to us.”

The Scottish Children’s Lottery was launched in October 2016 to raise money for children in Scotland, with proceeds helping to improve the lives of children right across the country and make a real difference to those who need it most.

Dorothy Fenwick, a trustee of Chance to Study which operates as a society lottery under the Scottish Children’s Lottery, said: “I am delighted that this grant will support the valuable work of South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank.

“Charities that support children in Scotland can apply online for funding,” she added.