Science day for school pupils

LastThursday 20th March, St Cuthbert’s Primary school pupils and staff marked Science week by dedicating a full day of lessons and activities to Science.

The day was a superb success and the school called on the support of Dr Susan Burr who has been working closely with the school staff on science for over a year now.

Mr Flynn, Head Teacher of Queen Margaret Academy, also supported the event by sending four of his S6 science pupils to help out on the day.

The event began with every class doing their own Science lessons; P1-3 investigated snails by making snail trails and observing them feeding, P4-5 learned that seeing is not always accurate, by making their own optical illusions and P6-7 learned about the technique of chromatography trying to work out which pen wrote the note.

The morning sessions culminated in a wonderful afternoon Science showcase, where P6-7 pupils got the opportunity to show off their science skills to the rest of the school and other invited guests, which included parents and carers and P7 pupils from Sacred Heart Primary School in Girvan.

Some of the science on show had the children examining different rocks and placing them on a large map of Scotland, making paper aeroplanes and flying flyers as well as making their own musical instruments from straws to make pan pipes.

The aim of the day was to let the children see Science as fun and the bubbles experiment did just that when children got to make giant bubbles using a large hula hoop.

Mr Moan P1-3 teacher who had been involved in the organising of the event rounded off the day by thanking all who had been involved in making the day such a success including everyone who made the effort to attend.