Scots support more force on drink driving, says poll

THE majority of Scots want tougher action on drink driving after more than 460 people were caught driving under the influence in the latest police crackdown.

A Scottish Government survey last week revealed 75 per cent of Scots surveyed in a YouGov poll would support additional legal powers to combat drink driving - involving further transfer of powers from Westminster.

The research was disclosed just days after the close of the latest drink driving campaign in which police across Scotland said they found 462 drivers behind the wheel under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Already in 2012/13 there have been at least 76 drink and drug driving offences in South Ayrshire, and up to 18 of these took place within the Carrick area.

Maybole, North Carrick and Coylton even had the second highest number of incidents of South Ayrshire’s eight districts - numbering 13 up to December 5.

The Scottish Government already plans to bring speed limits into line with European equivalents, but Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill legislation needs to go further.

“We may have moved into a new year, but it’s clear some drivers still hold outdated attitudes and think it’s okay to drink and drive.

“That is absolutely deplorable in this day and age and these people are finding out the hard way that their actions will be met with the full force of the law.

“The Scottish public have clearly also had enough of them, and it is encouraging to see so many people speaking out, and we agree with them.”