Sergeant admits ‘frightening’ speed check

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A POLICE officer has admitted to a “quite frightening” experience while he took part in a mobile speed check in a residential area of Girvan.

Sergeant Mark Hornby had set up his mobile speed gun on The Avenue in Girvan after complaints were received about speeding drivers.

He said that a low sun had contributed to speeding drivers not being able to see him at the side of the road and passing him at “considerable speed”.

Police in Girvan say they have issued several speeding tickets in the last month after complaints about the speed of cars in the town.

Sergeant Mark Hornby said that fixed penalties have been issued and several drivers warned in order to promote road safety awareness and target boy racers.

Police have used mobile speed guns at locations throughout the town including Vicarton Street and The Avenue.

Sergeant Hornby told a meeting of the town’s community council last week: “The Avenue was surprisingly pro-active with speeding cars. It was actually quite frightening. The sun was low and the cars were almost on top of me and coming at me at considerable speed.

“If there had been a child on the road the driver would have had little chance of seeing them.

“Quite a few of them got a fright, several drivers were warned and several were reported. All officers are now trained in the use of the speed guns.”

Sergeant Hornby also said that police would be continuing high-visibility patrols in the town in order to prevent youth disorder in the Dalrymple Street area.

“We know where the hot-spots are and we will increase our patrols in those areas,” said the sergeant.

In the last month 240 incidents were reported to police of which 65 crimes were reported with 40 of those having been detected.

There are also “positive lines of enquiry” with regard to several other incidents including arson and thefts of cash from car washes in the area.

In the last month there have also been 12 reports submitted to the procurator fiscal regarding drug offences and an increase in the number of vandalisms reported and damage to motor vehicles.