Shock exam results for Carrick schools

Students at Carrick’s secondary schools are among the worst in South Ayrshire, shock Higher exam results have revealed.

The Scottish Government released the results for secondary schools across the country last week and they make for disappointing reading for those connected with Girvan Academy and Carrick Academy.

The latest exam results show that less than half of pupils at Girvan Academy are leaving the school with one higher or more with only 49% managing to achieve that.

At Carrick Academy the figure is only marginally better with 52% of students leaving the Maybole school with one higher or more.

Less than a third of the pupils at both schools are achieving three or more highers with 31% of Girvan Academy students achieving this with only 29% of Carrick Academy pupils getting three or more highers.

And the figures drop even further at both Carrick schools for those pupils achieving five or more higher passes with only 23% at each school managing to achieve this.

The figures mean that Girvan and Carrick Academies are among the worst performing in South Ayrshire with only Ayr Academy getting worse Higher exam results.

At Ayr Academy only 32% left with one higher or more, with that figure dropping to 17% for those with three or more highers. and only an alarming 9% leaving Ayr Academy with five or more higher passes.

However, Girvan and Carrick’s figures pale in comparison to the likes of Kyle Academy where 71% left with one or more highers and 41% left with five or more highers.

Other schools in South Ayrshire performing well included Prestwick Academy where two thirds of pupils left with one higher or more, Marr College in Troon where a third of pupils left with five or more highers and Belmont Academy in Ayr where half of pupils left with three or more highers.

Douglas Hutchison, Director of Educational Services, said: “Attainment levels are just one way of looking at what our schools are achieving in terms of positive outcomes for our young people. Any like-for-like comparison fails to take account of the different issues and challenges facing individual schools. Research shows that young people who are less economically advantaged achieve less well across Scotland. Therefore, to compare schools that may experience greater levels of deprivation does not reflect the hard work by staff and young people .

“Staff at all our schools work hard to raise the attainment of our young people and there’s a lot for Carrick and Girvan Academies to be positive about. Carrick Academy’s attainment levels for young people from fourth to sixth year were recognised as a key strength in the recent Education Scotland inspection report. This highlighted that ­– in almost all key measures – Carrick’s attainment is better than young people with similar needs and backgrounds in schools across Scotland.

“Attainment in South Ayrshire as a whole is strong. Our young people do better than young people with similar needs and backgrounds in Scotland. The performance of schools and young people is now also measured in ‘tariff points’. All young people in South Ayrshire outperform young people with similar needs and backgrounds across Scotland by achieving a larger number of tariff points by the time they leave school, which is very encouraging. We want the best for our young people and we will, as always, continue to monitor outcomes for our young people to ensure we help them achieve their full potential.”