Single person discount on water charges

MSP Colin Smyth
MSP Colin Smyth

Almost 70,000 people in Ayrshire could face significant rises in their water bills if Scottish Government plans to cut the 25% single occupancy discount go ahead.

South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth said that analysis by the Scottish Labour Party shows that 68,870 people living in Ayrshire would be hit by the planned change, including many pensioners and single mothers who are already struggling.

If the discount was scrapped altogether it would mean that single occupant households on Council Tax Band D would see their water charges rise from £328.05 to £437.40.

A consultation on the proposals by the SNP Government closed in September 2018 and Ministers are now considering the responses.

Colin Smyth, who has signed a motion put forward to the Scottish Parliament against the proposal, said: “Hiking up the water charges for people living alone by over £100 would be an attack on single, older people – who may be living alone because they are widowed – and on single parents who struggle to manage bringing up children on one income”.

“A lot of people will be worried that if the SNP Government press ahead with plans to scrap the single person’s discount for water charges, then they will do the same for Council Tax.”