Site boundary confusion

an ANTI wind farm protestor has hit back at a new development after a dispute over site boundary.

Kay Siddell, of High Tralorg, has sent a formal letter to developer PNE Wind regarding their latest leaflet on the project and the extended site boundary.

She argues that the site boundary contains land that Tralorg Wind farm neither own or have control over.

In a letter to the Tralorg site developer, PNE Wind UK Ltd, written by Smith & Valentine Solicitors, it states: “In the information first distributed by you in spring 2011, the site boundary shown in red contained significantly less land than is contained in the site boundary now shown in the recently distributed leaflets.

“It now contains High Tralorg which our client owns and Laigh Tralorg who’s owners, according to the client, are also against the proposed Windfarm.”

Mrs Siddell fears that this current drawing of the site boundary implies that she is in favour of the Tralorg development as it uses her land, when in fact she is against further developments in the area.

The letter continued: “Our client demands that the name of the project is changed back to Tralorg Hill Windfarm. Tralorg Hill is in fact where PNE Wind UK Ltd propose to place the turbines and therefore the name should reflect this.

“PNE Wind UK Ltd should be transparent and honest with the public at the exhibitions and a change of name along with a clear explanation of the term ‘site boundary’ would help ensure this.”

PNE Wind held exhibitions earlier this week in Dailly, Pinwherry and Girvan. Mr Siddell visited the Dailly exhibition on Monday morning and did get the artwork in question taken down.

The letter finished: “The very name of the project ‘Tralorg Wind Farm’ along with the extended site boundaries which currently includes our clients will have created misconceptions about Mrs Siddell’s involvement in the project and therefore will have damaged her credibility as an active campaigner against wind farms.”

Gilbert Stevenson, PNE WIND UK Project Manager for the Tralorg Wind Farm Project, explained that the maps in question were altered to end any confusion before going on public display.

He said: “Before we opened for business on Monday, Mrs Siddell visited the exhibition we were holding in Dailly Community Centre to draw our attention to the site boundary map we published in our newsletters and on our exhibition boards.

“She asked us to revise our layout to make clear that her property and land were not part of our site however they were part of our initial area of search. We were happy to accommodate her wish and we immediately revised the maps we were displaying at our exhibitions in Dailly, Pinwherry and Girvan.

“To clarify the matter PNE WIND has used the area of search to develop our project proposals for the wind farm and none of the land or property is owned by us. However a map showing the actual, final site boundary, will be included with the Tralorg Wind Farm application to be submitted to South Ayrshire Council later this year.”