Six recycling bins per house

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Changes to kerbside refuse collections by South Ayrshire Council will se households having to sort out waste into seven different bins.

To meet new recycling targets set by the Scottish Government the council will introduce a new system of collections with each household getting two new bins.

Over the coming months the new recycling programme will be rolled out in phases until completed in April 2019.

Councillors agreed a new ‘colour-coded’ system which aims to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that the council pays to dispose of at landfill sites.

Green bins for general non-recyleable waste will be emptied every three weeks; silver recycle bins for food waste emptied weekly; blue recycle bins for metals, plastics and cartons emptied every four weeks; grey recycle bins for paper and card will be emptied every four weeks; black recycle bins for glass will be emptied every six weeks; and the brown recycle bin for garden waste will be emptied every four weeks during the gardening season.

Every household will receive a leaflet to say what goes in what bin when the scheme is introduced in their area.

An analysis by South Ayrshire Council over an eight month period showed around 60% of the general waste collected could have been recycled, which would have saved them almost £2m. Over the next seven years the council has to increase its recycling rate by 20 per cent and the introduction of the additional two bins per household is the start of the process.