SNP call for ‘end to the madness’

SNP Carrick candidate Corri Wilson with former first minister Alex Salmond
SNP Carrick candidate Corri Wilson with former first minister Alex Salmond

Over 400 people packed into Cumnock Town Hall last week to hear the case for voting SNP at the forthcoming Westminster elections.

There was standing room only for SNP candidate for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, Corri Wilson, and former First Minister, Alex Salmond at the public meeting organised by the local Cumnock & District branch of the SNP.

Proceedings were kicked off by Branch Convenor John Dalzeil, who described his journey from lifelong Labour voter and campaigner to joining the SNP last September.

“I feel I didn’t leave the Labour Party, so much as they left me,” said Mr Dalzeil.

“The Labour Party I grew up with, who my father supported, don’t exist anymore.”

Corri Wilson had the opportunity to present her case to be returned as Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock’s first SNP MP with a rousing speech, followed by a question and answer session covering issues as diverse as immigration, teacher numbers and Trident.

“The Westminster system is broken,” she said. “It needs shaken up. The General Election is the next step on the journey to make Scotland a stronger, fairer place for us to live.

“We need an end to the madness that sees us, at a time of swingeing budget cuts and crippling austerity measures, demonise the poorest and most vulnerable in our society while committing an unspeakable sum of money to the renewal of Trident.”

Alex Salmond, who is standing as the candidate for Gordon in Aberdeenshire, spoke of his belief that the last 100 days of the referendum campaign changed Scotland forever.

“We have an opportunity in less than 100 days to make sure the vow on home rule, on Devo Max, on federalism in all but name, will be delivered,” he said.

“We have to move away from austerity economics, and we have to use a tartan wedge of MPs to drive that message home.”