SNP say record £12 billion budget to protect teacher numbers

Local SNP MSP Adam Ingram has accused Labour MSPs of failing a major test during last week’s budget vote after they voted against plans to increase funding for education and the NHS.

The SNP say the budget will see a record £12 billion invested in Scotland’s NHS in 2015/16, make additional funds available to local authorities who commit to protect teacher numbers, provide a rates relief package worth £615 million to Scotland’s small businesses and will keep Council Tax frozen for the eighth year running.

Additionally, £330 million will be invested in Scotland’s school infrastructure and £140 invested in college campuses through NPD funding.

Mr Ingram said: “Labour has been quick to make billions of pounds worth of spending announcements in Scotland, but faced with the chance to vote for more money for health and education they have failed utterly to stand up for the priorities of people in Scotland.

“People in Scotland are not impressed with empty promises – they expect the kind of positive action that the SNP Government is once again delivering.

“In this budget the SNP is investing a record £12 billion in the health sector, providing additional funds to local authorities who will protect teacher numbers and are supporting small businesses through a rates relief package worth £615 million.

“The Deputy First Minister also announced a total of £51m will be provided to maintain teacher numbers – councils must commit to this to deliver the teachers our children deserve.

“On top of that we are investing £330 million in Scotland’s schools and £140 million in our colleges through NPD investment.

“As the polls go from bad to worse for Labour, their failure to back this budget will only highlight their incompetence as they pay a heavy price for their toxic alliance with the Tories.”