Something to think about- Churches are always open

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What are churches for? They are there to remind people of the Christian faith and what it stands for. A church is a place where people can go on a Sunday to worship God, by thanking Him for what He has done for them in their lives. It is also a place that can be used to mark important events in people’s lives. It is also a place where people can go to learn more about the Christian faith and its relevance to twenty first century living. A church is somewhere people can meet and feel that they are part of a worldwide organization which has existed for many hundreds of years. Most churches have Halls attached to them.

These Halls can house various groups which used the Halls as meeting places. People often join these groups because they are interested in the activity that the group specialises in. But people also join groups because they enjoy the fellowship and companionship that such groups provide.

This Saturday morning from ten o’clock in Girvan South Church Halls, visitors will get an opportunity to learn about the various groups which are connected to that church. It is an opportunity for these groups to make themselves known to a wider audience.

It is also a chance for people to discover some new activity that they might want to spend some time on. Visitors might be surprised by the variety of groups which will be represented on Saturday. Churches are composed of lots of different people who have a whole range of different interests and hobbies. Churches are open to everyone who wants to go through one of its many doors. Once through them, they might find that there is something beyond for them to engage with and enjoy.