Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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Last Sunday morning the clocks went back an hour. This meant that on that day, people here had an extra hour to spend anyway that they wanted to.

Some people might have used it to enjoy another hour of sleep; or to do some task that needed to be done; or to spend some more quality time with their families.

I have always thought that when the clocks change, it gives people an opportunity to stop and reflect on time and what they do with it each day.

An hour might not seem very much in the big scheme of things, but for many people their time is very precious and in the course of a week they have a variety of different tasks to complete within that time.

Busy people will no doubt say that they wish that there were more than twenty four hours in each day.

However sadly there are some people who find that time passes very slowly for them.

Invariably they are people who sadly find that often they have not got enough to do to fill up every day. And that is a great shame.

There are many organizations locally, especially church groups that would be delighted to welcome new members.

Some of these organizations are there so that people who share the same hobbies and interests can get together.

Others are there with the primary purpose of doing something positive to help other people.

But the truth of the matter is that people usually find that if they are willing to spend some of their time helping others, then not only are other people helped, but they are as well.

The time that God gives us each day is very precious. Hopefully we can all make the best use of it.