Something to think about with Rev. Ian Mclachlan

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This past Sunday was the first Sunday in the season of Advent. It is the time of year when people think about the events leading up to Jesus entering our world.

I wonder if Jesus were to return to us on Christmas Day, how he would feel about the various ways that people these days were celebrating his birth. Would he be pleased or would he be disappointed? I think that it would disappoint him to see some people taking their celebrations to extremes. It would perhaps sadden him to see people struggling to keep up with their neighbours and spending money to buy things that were not necessities and that they could not really afford. It would sadden him to see that after all these hundreds of years since that first Christmas morning, human beings were still not always living together in peace. It would likely disappoint him that some people were still trying to get things which only have a limited life, rather than concentrating on endeavouring to build strong, meaningful relationships with God and with other people. Jesus would be saddened by the materialisation of Christmas at the expense of its religious meaning and purpose. However no doubt he would be pleased to see people going to church during the Christmas season, although he would wonder why so many of them did not attend worship more regularly. He would be pleased to see that many people were very generous in what they gave to various charities at this time of the year, because they recognised that while they very fortunate – not everyone was. He would be pleased that people were making a special effort to get along with each another and trying their best to ensure that everyone had a happy Advent season.