South Parish Church concert

PARISHIONERS of Girvan’s South Parish Church will be putting on spectacle that dates back more than half a century this weekend.

The annual South Parish Church Concert will feature Girvan groups including the Folk Group, Wednesday Club, Church Guild, and Sunday School in a variety of song, music, dance, and drama acts, during the first half of this year’s offering, while after a short interval a nine-strong cast will perform a light, one-act play entitled The Church Meeting, by Garry Watson.

Wednesday Club organiser Jim Carson, who spent more than 50 years as the concert’s play producer, said the two act format consisting of offerings from the church groups and a short “kitchen comedy” play dates back as far as he can remember.

Mr Carson believes the concerts began shortly after World War Two, and when he began attending the church in 1954 took the form of annual operettas under the direction of Girvan organist and Academy music teacher Barclay Sheddon and his wife Anna.

Church Elder Ken Johnstone took over the role of producer from Mr Carson five years ago, and said the production is always a fun night for both the cast and the audience.

For South Parish Church attendee Ann Combe this year marks the first time she will be involved - cast as Irene Goodchild, the Minister’s wife - and she said the excitement is building.

“It’s been great fun, we have laughed so much,” she said. “We just hope everybody has as much fun coming to see it as we have had rehearsing it.”

For her sister Lorna McColm this year’s concert also marks a first - while the Folk Club of which she is member has been involved for some time, South Parish’s 2012 programme will see the inaugural performance of a foursome featuring herself, Davie Hunter, and John and JP Gourley.

“We are looking forward to it,” Lorna said. “It’s always a nice night.”

The show will begin at 7.30pm in the South Parish Church Hall on Duncan Street on both Friday 23 and Saturday 24 November. Tickets cost £4 and are available from members of the cast or on the door.