Special ceremony for Maybole club legend

The tree planting ceremony
The tree planting ceremony

Cath Ramsay, captain of Maybole Ladies Golf Club, welcomed members and the family of the late Jean Boyd to a very special ceremony at Memorial Park last week.

Mrs Boyd died last year aged 96 and was an honorary member of the club and had been captain in 1977, the same year her son Jimmy was Gents captain, as well as in 2003 and 2007. Our photo of Jean was taken at her 96th birthday party.

Jean Boyd

Jean Boyd

“Jean was a very special person,” Cath added, “and members wanted to remember her by planting this tree in her memory.” She then invited Cindy McEwan to say a few words about Jean.

Cindy said, “What can I say about the legend that was Jean Boyd?

“She took up golf late in life, and many a Saturday night I met her on the golf course and tried my best to keep up with her! I used to think she could have been in the Olympics, the speed she could get round the course in.

“The quickest game of golf I ever played round Maybole golf course was 1 hour and 55 minutes - and that was for 18 holes and, yes, my playing partner was none other than Jean.”

She added, “Jean worked tirelessly for Maybole Ladies Golf Club, whether it was on the committee, in the charity shop or on town groups.

“She was honest, straightforward and made everyone equally welcome.

“She fought our corner and encouraged the juniors, fighting to allow us to play in competitions and when the seniors started to find the hills a bit much, the Bridge Club found a champion in Jean.

“Jean was passionate about her golf, you’ll find her name on many of our cups and trophies. It was obvious to all, the pleasure she got both from playing the game and from encouraging others to do so.

“Inter club matches under Jean’s captaincy were a hoot, the result never mattered. Our Open Days were the best attended in the area and Jean would be there heading up the high teas in the clubhouse.

“Playing with her sons in the mixed social events and competitions were especially precious to Jean and many a happy night we all had.

“The reason Maybole Ladies golf Club has endured so long is, in a very large part, due to Jean’s hard work.

“I’m sure if I asked you now to close your eyes and picture her here on the course, you can see her striding out and hear her laughter.

“Jean Boyd was a very special lady!

“It’s a pleasure and a privilege to have this tree planted on Maybole golf course in the memory of an outstanding and much loved member of our golf club.”

She then invited Jean’s son Billy to formally plant the tree before everyone adjourned to the clubhouse for refreshments.

Afterwards, Billy thanked the members of the Ladies Golf Club for everything they had done for his mother, saying, “I don’t think she would have lived as long as she did if all of you hadn’t been there. She loved it here at the Golf Club.”

His brother Jackie also thanked everyone, adding that his mother always did what she did for the benefit of the club not for herself.

“She really did love it here,” he added, “and this is an honour and a wonderful thing you have done in her name.

“Thank you from all the family.”