Special order takes to the skies

high-flying chef Mafiz Ali took to the skies last week to deliver his special order to Dubai.

The £2,500 order - which included a fish course, vegetable curry and several rice dishes - began its 3,500-mile journey on Wednesday lunchtime when it was collected by helicopter, together with Mafiz, from the Ayr Spice Restuarant, Minishant. The food and chef were airlifted direct to Heathrow and a flight bound for the Middle East.

News of the extraordinary takeaway attracted the attention of the national media and television cameras were on site to record Mafiz and his delivery take off.

And the award-winning chef was delighted with the coverage his special delivery has received.

Mafiz said: “We got a front page spread in the Carrick Gazette, a very good write-up in the Ayrshire Post, two bites at the cherry in the Daily Record, and two good pieces on BBC1’s Reporting Scotland, one on the lunchtime edition, and another in the main evening bulletin.

“But now that the Dubai adventure is over, I am back looking forward to welcoming as many customers as possible, old and new, to enjoy my Indian cuisine at Ayr Spice this coming weekend.”