Star performance from Paige at Songs of Praise

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A nine year old from the choir of Sacred Heart produced a star performance at the Girvan Rotary Club’s Songs of Praise on Sunday 15 December.

A 500 plus strong audience saw Paige Ashcroft light up the North Parish Church on a wild night as she sang as part of the school’s choir.

The evening was organised by Mr. Alistair Wallace of the Girvan Rotary Club and was well supported by local Schools, Musical Societies and Choirs. All of these bodies have to turn up and perform without a combined practice , without knowledge of the other performers – even the ‘Royal Command’ evening as a practice .

Mrs Marie Mortimer from Barrhill held the night together with her nimble fingers on the organ while Jim Guthrie did his MC . Jim by default was introduced as the ‘old Minister’.

The Primary Schools, Girvan and Sacred Heart both had Choirs present and Mrs. Mckinney of the Sacred Heart commented that it was one of the most uplifting evenings she had attended. The atmosphere in the Church was certainly uplifting and very special.

The two academies Girvan and Carrick also played their part . Girvan provided three numbers from their Brass band, lead by Mr. Sandie McAughtrie ( Hark the Herald , Still the night , Do you hear what I hear) . While Sophie Grafter also from Girvan Academy sang a solo by Annie Lennox ‘The universal Child’ she was accompanied by Davy Hunter. Mrs. Jo Anne Spreadbury battle through the weather from Maybole to lead the Carrick Academy Choir who were attending for the first time.

Mr. Robert Jess gave a brief account of the work of C.A.N. , the Girvan charity the events collection was being sent to .

The Big Guns, the Combined Churches Choir gave us 3 numbers which included a Latin rendition, while the Girvan Musical Society gave us 2 numbers which included a parade on the 12 days of Christmas.

Mr. James Pavarotti Nicol was introduced and sang at the end of the evening. The Rotary President Mr. Andrew Ballantine thanked all who had practiced , practiced , practiced to give us such a great right.

This night was ‘special’. A great lead up to Christmas, a great wholesome advert for Christmas and showed Girvan and Maybole to have great talent and the willingness to come out in great numbers on a cold winters night .

The Rotary would like to thank Mrs. Ann Johnston the Church officer of the Girvan North Parish Church who spent so much time making the church suitable for our event and to all the parents who brought the children along and then stayed to enjoyed this large festive event.